The Functionality

As already mentioned, at V.C.I. the situation is clear.

We decided to work only in behalf of the clients by giving them security, transparency, and a functionality that can only result from an objective Absence of Conflict of Interest.

We guarantee the security with the certainty that the client was detaining his own money at his own partner Bank where he opens account. The partner Bank is legally the guarantor and caretaker of his liquid assets and of his securities portfolio. The partner Bank only recognizes the account holder as the sole and exclusive person to have economic entitlement of this.

Neither V.C.I. nor others can make withdrawals, transfers order, invest in securities or other. At no time, in any case and for any reason could the Bank accept an order if it wouldn't be coming from the account holder.

The security and the transparency go together, as well as the conformity of the decisions carried out. The client points out a preferential who illustrates the choices made through periodic relations. The client himself can also, verify what mentioned above, at his partner Bank, at any time. In addition the account holder will receive the usual statements from his Bank.

The functionality can be verified from the client. Consequently, he will realize that the professional, spokesman and consultant acts in total absence of conflicts of interests. The evaluation of the data is objective and such objectivity is shown in holding the product or tool as long as it preserves the optimum characteristics for which it was chosen, and when those characteristics diminish, so does the reason in keeping it lessen. The efficiency of the functionality in the absence of conflicts shows in the use of adequate tools as: Stop Loss, Take Profit, management of the Asset Allocation and management of the products held in the portfolio.