The Project

During the years we developed a functionality which for a long time has been allowing us to be active in the global financial system with a particular specialization in the field of the Mutual Investments Funds. This peculiarity of V.C.I. makes it leader in its field and, thanks to this, also able to contribute in a proactive way to make a new professional character emerge, for which the market feels an urgent need.

From this fundamental and enlightening experience originates the impression that the excessive imbalances existing in the rapport between the market (money savers) and the banking system would have created an unstoppable transition process towards consultancy, free from any kind of conflict of interest.

From this firm belief was born the "LUXOR" project. The European Network of Funds.

For V.C.I. the situation has always been clear. The Luxor project is to be carried out with the collaboration of professional characters who, without any bond with thirds, exercise the liberal profession and express their professionalism through specialization in the field of financial investments: The Consultant in Financial Investments.

The collaboration rapport is based on rustproof foundations, or still better between the meeting of intellectual characteristics, therefore not repeatable not even biologically, in a simple formula in which both of the protagonists are always protagonists are active with a total respect for the other one's role.